36. Cadfem ANSYS
Simulation Conference

The Simulation Driven Product Development Conference
October 10-12, 2018,

The World of Simulation in Leipzig

Simulation in the times of digitalization is our key topic at the 36th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference from October 10th- 12th in Leipzig.

Our program offers you a wide range of applications in simulation technologies, such as structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics.
Many participants join us every year and appreciate the variety of information and detailed insights into additive manufacturing, predictive maintenance, digital twin, electronics, embedded software and ANSYS Discovery Live, the innovative tool for high-speed simulation.

Since simulation is more than software, you can also inform yourself about the latest hardware, our diverse services, new and advanced training and the many partner solutions offered by CADFEM.

Be part of the leading CAE Conference in Europe and learn all about simulation!


Opening plenum
Key topics
ANSYS Software-Updates
User presentations
7th conference on Digital City

Get-together in the Exhibition

User presentations

Structural Mechanics
Fluid Dynamics
Systems & Multiphysics

8th CADFEM Medical Conference
7th Conference on Digital City
Closing plenum

Evening event

Compact seminars & forum

Compact seminars
17th CADFEM Forum


Under the motto ‘strengthening the strengths’, emphasis is placed on five high-growth sectors whose basic structures are already sufficiently developed. Leipzig’s economic strategy is to back promising industries with a bright future. Get to know Leipzig and plan your stay.

Exhibition 2018

The central location of the CAE exhibition, the main venue for all coffee breaks and other meals, is the perfect place to get to know plenty of like-minded ANSYS users and people interested in CAE.

A look back to our past conferences

Koblenz 2017

The 35th edition of the CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference was held in Koblenz in November 2017.


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